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Scents for the Home

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Auto Sachet
Handy little sachet filled with aroma beads that will scent your car and give you an aromatic drive ..
Dryer Sachet
This items comes 2 to a package. Just toss into dryer for lightly scented clothes or towels. Ea..
Hand-dipped lavender incense is sure to please... hard to find, too! I make these in small batches s..
Laundry Booster
PRODUCT UPDATE!! We found a smaller ‘milk jug’ container for our laundry booster, which will keep s..
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Lavender Lotion Candle
We triple-scent our lavender lotion candles which lets you really enjoy a burn time of app..
Linen Water
My linen water is great to spray your sheets and pillows down for good nights sleep. Can be used as ..
Mello Gello Air Freshener
Sometimes called 'smelly jellies,' our lavender-scented air freshener will really 'mello' you o..
Annie is always looking to find cute bags for her lavender-filled sachets. Each one is stuffed with ..