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Therapy Pillows

Therapy Pillows
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Our therapeutic pillows come in three different sizes, and each can be used hot or cold, For optimum results remember: cold restricts blood vessels while hot expands them. About one or two minutes in a microwave will do. After repeated uses it will need to be replaced or if you're handy, simply undo the stitches, replace with more dried lavender and rice, re-sew closed and enjoy! You can stuff one under your bed pillow to help you sleep soundly. Pack it in your suitcase when going on a trip. When not in use, store in your lingerie drawer to scent your undies. Each pillow comes wrapped with a nice ribbon for gift giving. Fabric varies.


This handy 5"x10" pillow is sized just right to lay over your eyes, which helps ease tension headaches or migraines. 



This pillow measures 10”x10” and is perfect for sore backs. Heat for about two minutes and then stuff it into the back of your pants to let the gentle heat permeate your sore lower back muscles.



This pillow is 5”x30” for a snake-like hot wrap that will have those tired neck muscles all relaxed... We advise starting at one minute in the microwave, then increasing in small increments as every microwave is different. I have used this pillow, gently heated, to surround a newborn baby or a baby kitten to keep them warm.

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